Ek Bharat Ek QR

Over 13 Million merchants have accepted about US$ 30 Bn in payments using BharatPe QR

Benefits of BharatPe QR

Powered by All-in-one Business App

Get a snapshot of your business & funds available to you in your BharatPe App

Track all your payments

Track status of all your collections and settlements


Track all your payments from any payment mode in one App

Know balance in BharatPe A/C & your available loan limit, all at one place


Get your personalized QR in a few simple steps

Step 1

Download the BharatPe App and get on boarded as a merchant in easy steps

Step 2

Tap on Get My QR code and get your personalized and ready-to-use digital QR. You can download the QR in your gallery & also share it with your customers on WhatsApp

Step 3

Tap on order QR sticker to order a physical QR sticker for your shop in just a few clicks

Step 4

Your personalized BharatPe QR Sticker will be delivered to your address